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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

** I have not been paid to promote this company, and all thoughts are my own...that's how fantastic this is ;) **

I created this blog as a place for me to discuss topics that light a fire in my heart. Topics that I could speak about for hours, at a pace any normal non-caffeinated human being would not understand. Just picture a 5'3" woman who runs on caffeine, getting so excited about a subject that she begins to look like a three year old that just ate a bulk box of Pixie Sticks. No shame here. But rather than concerning people with the rate at which I can speak without skipping a beat, I figured out I can write about it and avoid the whole "I lost you about three paragraphs back because I couldn't figure out how you were breathing" interaction.

That being said, there is nothing I love more than knowing that I am supporting good causes. I am the type of person that when asked, at the register, if I would like to add $1 to my total to donate to (literally any) charity, I am all over it. *I'm pretty sure I have scared some of the cashiers by responding so quickly...but I love it!*

Here's how I see it: If I am spending money (no matter how much) on myself, about to go home to a happy husband, well fed dog, and functional house...there is absolutely no good reason as to why I can't spare a dollar for someone who is struggling!

So, any time I have an opportunity to buy products from a company that donates a portion of its profits to a charity or good cause, you better believe I will. Companies like that of Basic Girl Fit.

I recently, I joined a group called TSC Bloggers & Business Babes - an extension of Cara Alwill Leyba's Slay Baby Collective. This group is the epitome of wonderful! It's all about women entrepreneurs supporting one another, and it is f***ing beautiful! - But I digress.

In this group, as with many of the other groups I belong to, a woman posted about her business,  wanting to gain affiliates. But there was something different about this one; she made sure all of the ladies, that read the post, knew her business (Basic Girl Fit) was not just about clothing and accessories, but supporting young women!

Basic Girl Fit not only offers fantastic workout apparel, but it also gives back! A portion of this company's profits go toward funding college scholarships for high school girls. Their "Basic Girls, Bright Futures" initiative is incredible, and long over due.

"Basic girls have gotten a bad rap for years, but we are going to change all that. We believe that you can be an intelligent, strong, world changing boss...while rocking your ripped jeans, booties, and blanket scarf.
You can make a difference and still be basic.
So, we are committed to helping the next generation of basic girls, pursue their post secondary goals, by providing them with college scholarships. We are looking for the most basic girls, doing the most extraordinary things.
As a shopper, you can feel good about playing your part in helping girls from low-income schools, break down doors, create their own opportunity and pursue greatness - for the good of the world.
A percentage of our profits will go towards providing scholarships to high school girls who are committed to using their basic-ness and brains to impact the lives around them.

I can honestly say I have never wanted to refer to myself as "basic", until now. As soon as I read what this company's goal was, I instantly visited the site and bought two (very comfortable and stylish) pieces. 
Click here to view the leggings!                       Click here to view the shirt! 
And I fully intend to go back for more! It's businesses like this one that deserve our support; as consumers and empowered women. I was so inspired by the company and its purpose that I reached out to the founder, Danielle Cevallos and asked her one very important question:

Q: What inspired you to develop your business?
A: "I love creating a brand and building an audience...and I LOVE workout clothes. So, this totally made sense! I also grew tired of being called basic - as though that were a bad thing. I get that people are all about being unique and different, but those of us who love all the predictable, mainstream things of the world, are doing some pretty big things to change lives! These women are mothers, wives, nurses teachers, business women and overall rockstars at life. So, maybe being basic isn't all that bad after all! The charitable component stems from my day job - a high school English teacher. I work at a school where many students will be the first in their family to attend college. These young women I teach and coach [...] have big dreams and are willing to work for them. So I knew that whatever my next business would be, that a portion of the profits would go towards funding scholarships for young women. And because I am obsessed with all things biz related, I wanted to also provide young women with start-up money to build their business."

All I can say is wow! Danielle developed this business with a love of workout clothes and a calling to help the young women she teaches, and coaches, daily. I didn't think that it could get any better than that, but not only are our (the consumer's) dollars going toward great workout apparel and accessories, but to scholarships and an angel investment fund for young, aspiring, female entrepreneurs.

Check out the website here, AND use code CANDC15 for 15% off your purchase! 

 Love Always, 
                        Kaitlyn B

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