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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

As a former dancer, I have found that doing regular workouts doesn't get me excited like dancing did. And, if I didn't live in the small town that  I do, you better believe I would have a membership to one of the many barre studios that have been popping up all over highly populated areas! But, that isn't the case...don't get me wrong, I LOVE where I live and the life I have started out here with my incredible husband and perfect puppers.

Since making our big move and waiting for our dream house to be built, I have fallen into complacency...wake up, get ready, go to work, go home, decompress, go to sleep, repeat. As wonderful as my in-laws are for allowing us to live in their basement, - free of charge, I might add - moving from a regular sized house to a basement that is half the size of a single floor of our old house, has come with its challenges.

I have found it much harder to be motivated to do much of anything in the house. As much as my anxiety appreciates a non-cluttered space, it has become impossible to live without clutter. Lulling me into an "if I don't pay attention it will go away" form of thinking. That is, until I find myself on a day where my anxiety has (once again) snuck up on me, like the evil little b*tch she is, and the clutter sends me into a full-blown panic attack. But I digress.

This small space issue has made it hard for me to want to work out at home...where I would much rather workout because working out with other people around makes me very worried about not having the right form...despite the fact that the surrounding people aren't focusing on anything but their own form... Is it just me, or do other people have to deal with these ridiculous thoughts?! Let's be honest, you probably won't see me in a group class until I have rock-hard abs and will be the best one in the class, damnit!
Because everything wonderful is on Pinterest.

After finding my motivation to get my act together and start eating well (buh bye Ice Cream, you were my favorite mistress), and working out, I have set out on a virtual expedition to find a program that will work to suit my situation and pickiness. My virtual expedition has led me to some VERY intriguing programs by women who know exactly what I am looking for....which doesn't happen very often so this is exciting!
Hopefully this list will help you get some ideas, and get inspired to start working out in the comfort of your own home :)

Body By Simone This Simone chick seriously seems like a genius...with a tagline on her Signature Classes page that speaks to my soul - "a place to let go and dance with abandon. Our signature classes are a fun way to get your sweat on and dance like no one is watching!" She has pieced together five different kinds of classes - Dance Cardio (WHAT?!), Trampoline Cardio, Full Body, ABC - Arms, Back, and Core, and HTB - Hips, Thighs, and Buns. I might not currently have kids but I can see how it would be fun as hell for a mom to be able to workout to trampoline cardio with her kiddos in the room...throw down a couple extra exercise trampolines and let your kiddos have fun while mom gets a legit workout! Like I said, this lady is a genius!
Sidenote: if you are anything like me and don't want to acquire a collection of workout DVDs, Body By Simone offers a BBSTV subscription where you can stream a plethora of workouts over your laptop, tablet, iPad, phone, TV, etc.

**Photo by Brandon Pereira on Unsplash
Before Chaos and Concealer edits.

exhale - As a proponent of businesses that promote an all around healthy lifestyle, I am all about this business! exhale's tagline is "Pioneering Barre Fitness Classes + Healing Spa Therapies". The brilliance that created this business is one I would like to bow to...okay maybe that's a little weird, but you get what I'm saying! Not only is exhale a business that focuses on fitness and training but also keeps a healthy focus on the mind and soul by offering spa services like massage, accu therapy, facials, and more!
Unfortunately this one does not offer many streaming opportunities right now, but if you are a member of FabFitFun, an awesome subscription lifestyle box, you can access some of exhale's classes through FabFitFun TV! Click on the link to learn more about FabFitFun and have all the access to incredible fitness classes like exhale! AND! Get $10 off with code WELCOME10. 

Yoga for You -  Kelly Smith, the founder of this incredible company understands two, very important things: your body needs more than just one form of exercise to stay healthy and fit, and the future is virtual! Kelly combines yoga, fitness and mindfulness to bring a whole new experience to yoga. Everyone, including me once upon a time, seems to think that yoga is just stretching...well Yoga for You takes that misunderstanding and throws it away by combining cardio, strength, and flexibility into her workouts. Something my dancer-self seems to really appreciate!
Yoga for You is a monthly subscription that allows all who use it to have 24/7 access to live classes and pre-recorded sessions. All for only $20 a me a studio that offers unlimited classes to you for only $20 a month and I will be blown away **I feel like I need to clarify here: a studio that charges you $20/month as a set price...not a promotion of any kind**.

APLiving - As excited as I am to dip my toe into all of these companies' workouts, I am ecstatic about APLiving. Ashley Pettit has put her own special twist on a lifestyle regimen that incorporates healthy eating and fitness. I'll talk about the delicious recipes in another post, but her workouts are just as fantastic as her ability to take regular recipes and put a delicious AND healthy twist on them. Ashley offers her subscribers a seven-course meal of workouts that range from HIIT and cardio. Seriously, I don't know if I will have ever seen every single workout she offers her subscribers, and she is continually uploading them!

So, all of these companies seem incredible, right? And if you have just as much trouble as I do deciding which option to go with (seriously, I am like the sloth in Zootopia when it comes to decisions...or like the "What do you want?!" meme from the Notebook). FabFitFun has a series of each of these lovely ladies' workouts on their FabFitFunTV. I'm dead serious when I say you get your money's worth for a subscription to this lifestyle subscription box...between the magazine, FabFitFun TV, and a box filled to the brim with goodies that every style-loving, active, FUN woman would drool over. :)

Take a look at each of these workout opportunities and let me know what you think! If you are already a member of one of these four companies, give me your inside opinion!!

 Love Always, 
                        Kaitlyn B
**I am an affiliate of FabFitFun**

**Photo by Brandon Pereira on Unsplash Before Chaos and Concealer edits.

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