New Year, New Modest, Yet Sexy Wardrobe

Monday, January 1, 2018

For those of you that don't know, I am a young married woman. I have a love for all things beautiful, and am currently in the middle of trying to update my wardrobe. Since getting married, there has been this weird desire of mine to completely transform my closet. I have this urge to own my body in a modest way. Pre-wedding I was all about wanting to look sexy and own my body, I loved the idea of trying to find sexy, low cut pieces that are typically owned by young 20 somethings. ~My friend Kelsey is a boss at doing just this~. The idea of owning sexy pieces and showing myself off was empowering to me. Since getting married though, I still want to feel empowered without showing too much skin.

My husband and I had lived together for three years before getting married, so its not like us being married has changed our lives in more ways than having the title of husband and wife. But I feel this sort of change in the dynamic of our relationship, we are committed to each other on a level deeper than I would've expected. Believe me, I am not complaining one bit! I love it! Some people might read this and roll their eyes, but there's this urge I have to look like a boss-ass babe, while remaining modest. A wardrobe that still accentuates the parts of myself that I love to own, but doesn't show too much off to the rest of the world.
I have a few boss ladies that I am following and their daily Insta wardrobes inspire me. I intend to continue updating you on where I find those perfect pieces that help me achieve the following looks!
I am love, love, loving this outfit! Kilee Nickels of One Little Momma models this gorgeous outfit in her "Styling a Lace Blouse in Winter" article. Love this outfit like I do? Click on this link to read more

I am typically all about the LBD, but I am totally digging this maxi with the form fitting top! And who doesn't love pockets!? Just A Pretty Style exposed me to this gorg outfit! 

I love every piece of this outfit! From the Nickel and Suede Earrings (a company owned by the lovely Kilee Nickels), to the pointy toe flats! Want to see more? Click Here! You'll also get to learn a little more about the Little Momma herself!  

I am drooling overt this chic power outfit that every boss lady should own! Sexy heels, gorgeous pop of color, oversize blanket scarf, and some skinny jeans all come together to rock this casual, classy, bomb-ass boss lady outfit! 

In changing my wardrobe, I am going to climb out of my comfort zone and have some fun with patterns! I love this camo jacket and the yellow color pairing! If you are loving One Little Momma's outfits, as much as I am, take a look at her Insta account

Visions of Vogue exposed me to this FANTASTIC cozy and casual winter outfit. There's nothing like a big knitted sweater and skinny jeans to modestly show off your legs. Rocking a modest outfit while highlighting a single, positive, part of the body. 

Cyndi with Grace+Beauty may have posted this gorgeous outfit over a year ago, but it has not gone out of style! Flowy shirts with crochet accents are continually popping up all over the place. Pair that shirt with beautiful earrings and camel booties, and you've got an outfit I would be all over! 

Fashionetter has this outfit marked as #9 on their list of  "43 Trending Casual Outfit Ideas for this Winter". The pendant necklace with turtle neck sweater and plaid shawl is screaming my name. If there is anything one should know about living in Colorado, it is that layers are vital for winter survival. A shawl like this one is at the top of my New Wardrobe Shopping List! 
Distressed, cuffed bootcut jeans, brown close toe booties, basic tee, a beautiful burgundy cardigan, and a glam pair of earrings make for a super cute, casual, modest, and sexy outfit! 

Pearls, pearls, pearls!! If there is one thing I love more than a beautiful pair of earrings to accessorize the perfect outfit, it is a gorgeous strand of pearls! I try to find every excuse I can, to wear one or many strands of pearls. 

Inspired by these hot boss lady outfits? Click on each image caption and check out their impressive Instas and blogs!

 Love Always, 
                          Kaitlyn B. 

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