Move Mountains W/ Random Acts of Kindness

Thursday, January 18, 2018

WARNING - Rant with a good purpose below:

Since when is simply doing something nice for someone else supposed to be based on whether or not they have done something just as nice for you? It seems like I have recently heard the most bull**** reason not to give someone a gift, or just do something nice to remind people they are loved...the reason: "Well they didn't do [whatever it is] for me".

I am sorry, but what the H E Double Hockey Sticks?! The thought is just to be just because the person in question never randomly thought to bring you a coffee, means you shouldn't do it for them? Just because one of your friends never offered to watch your kids for a night, you aren't going to offer to watch theirs? Since when did the whole world become so damn cynical?! I have actually heard people turn down other people's offers because they don't want to be expected to do the same thing for them in the future.

My husband and I are currently in a position that we can spare a few extra expenses, and we won't be that way for long. So I have had a big urge to do nice things and spare those expenses for the people in my life. I have had the ability to buy coffee for my coworkers, and I have chosen to do so because who doesn't like a good cup of gourmet coffee as a mid-day pick me up? I want to shower people with kindness in ways that I know I won't be able to in the future....(once the mortgage kicks in it's goodbye Peppy Coffee for a while).

Being in this position has allowed me to be more observant of other people's behaviors. And it is kind of disappointing. Don't get me wrong, I have some amazing people in my life that are even more kind and thoughtful than I am...I strive to be them! But I have also had the ability to observe reactions to my random acts of kindness, and my ideas on ways to spread love and generosity in monetary ways. - Disclaimer: Random acts of kindness do not have to have any monetary value...I am just speaking monetarily because I have only ever been able to do such things that carry absolutely no monetary value...because bills. Some people are almost repelled by the idea of someone else going to extra lengths to make sure they know they are being thought of.

I desperately want to see this change. I recently promised myself that I was going to change. After my husband and I started to go to pre-marital counseling, I felt an overwhelming urge to constantly make an effort to be a better person than I was yesterday. Our study of, and breakdown of, the bible opened my eyes to the fact that we were all put on this earth to do good for others, to make a difference. Since then, I have continually made a conscious effort to do good by others. To take advantage of my situation - currently living with the in-laws to save money while our house is being built. --And once our house is built, the situation will change, but my promise to myself will not. --

We rise by lifting others. I intend to continually rise, to continually radiate positive vibrations. Afterall, we all know what the law of attraction states that what we focus on will manifest. If we are continually focusing on negativity and negative energy, only negative things will come...however, if we focus on positive things and make an effort to be happy, good things will come - good people, good situations, all the good things. Who doesn't want all the good things?!

I want to challenge whoever is reading this, to take a stand. Do not think only of yourself, and do not reject random acts of kindness simply because; either you do not want to have to do the same thing in the future; or the person you thought about being kind to, has never done the same for you. Be the reason someone believes in the goodness of people. Be kind when you can, and you always can.

Understand that sometimes the greatest gift you can give someone is thanking them for being part of your life. However you choose to do that - through a random cup of coffee brought to their work, doing something nice like scraping their windows when its frosty, or just saying something genuinely nice out of nowhere -, know that you are being the kind of person that makes people's hearts smile.

 Love Always,
                         Kaitlyn B

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