You are Worth More Time - Give Yourself some Attention

Thursday, December 14, 2017

You are Worth More Time - Give Yourself some Attention Already!!

I am at the top of the list of people who tend to let taking care of myself be put on the back burner. And ya is not okay! So before I begin
to get on my soap box about how important taking time for yourself is, no I am not a hypocrite, I have just witnessed firsthand how terrible you
can feel when you don’t invest a little extra time in yourself. I will be the first person to admit that I have gone to bed
with makeup on my face and a tease in my hair, because I just wanted to go to sleep...
I mean, that’s not so bad right?
WRONG! WRONG WRONG WRONG! It is terrible! I have even woken up the very next day and just put makeup on
top of my day-old makeup. I have been that person who uses her makeup remover towelettes to take the makeup off,
but not washed or moisturized my face before just falling into bed. In that case...I guess I got one step right, but that still
isn’t good enough. My point is, I am just as guilty as the next person for being convinced I am just too busy to take some time
for myself. When I first decided to invest a little time in myself, I immediately felt guilty. The guilt trip ran through my mind
- I could be doing something for my husband, or my mom, or my friends, that one birthday gift still needs to be bought, I haven’t
gone grocery shopping in a week, my dog might like to go for a walk….OH MY GOD MY DOG, my baby could be at home
depressed that I’m not there , maybe I should go buy him a toy to make up for being a terrible parent! The list goes on and on
(can you tell I am that obsessed dog mom?). But I forced myself to stay and receive the relaxing facial my skin, body,
and brain were begging for. Once I relaxed and allowed myself to lay on that massage table and enjoy the amazing aroma therapy,
I felt AMAZING!  Taking 45 minutes, out of the 1440 minutes we are allotted in a day, for myself made me a happier, more relaxed,
more enjoyable me. My dog did not hate me, in fact, I felt so good that I went outside and played with him for an extra 30 minutes
before taking him for his beloved walks - something I am usually too tired to do. I greeted my husband with a big smile and
delicious dinner when he came home. I felt so good and energized that everyone I love was given more positive attention.
It was then that I realized when I feel great, everyone around me feels great. You cannot serve others when you are drained.

This is not just an assumption I made because of the fact that I had a facial that led to a wonderful night, it is scientific fact.
Human beings create energy, every living thing on this planet vibrates at a frequency which those around us pick up on. When we feel good, we vibrate at a higher frequency than when we do not feel good. This is also known as the power of positive energy. So why do we tend to believe that we need to run ourselves into the ground to serve others while all together forgetting about ourselves? Because we do not want to be selfish, we do not want to be vain, we do not want those around us to feel like they don’t mean as much to us, etc. etc. etc. Here’s the deal, when you take a little time to care for yourself, you are not being selfish, appearing vain, and ignoring those you love. You are doing just the opposite!
I am an anxiety ridden individual, continually stressing my body, brain, and emotions out to the point of a breakdown because
I don’t want to let anyone down or feel unloved. But when I make a point to wash my face at night, take time to put myself
together in the morning, make myself a cup of coffee with extra creamer and cinnamon while my breakfast is cooking, I feel good!
I find myself to be less stressed and more observant of those I love. I am happier and that results in a happier atmosphere for my
husband to come home to, my coworkers to operate around, my friends to enjoy themselves in, the list goes on.
We are all busy individuals, so in an effort for this post to help all of you, I have compiled a list of things that don’t
take a lot of time, but are excellent self-care activities that will help you be a happier you (and in turn, all of your loved ones be happier).

Take your makeup off and wash your face! - Period. End of statement. But honestly, it is a nice feeling when you take 5 minutes
for yourself, just doing something that is good for you. Massage your face as you wash it, and take a little time rubbing your
moisturizer in. You will not only feel refreshed, but your face will thank you later.

Wake up a little earlier and make yourself a healthy breakfast - In this case, you aren’t even having to set time aside from
your day, but making time for yourself. We all love that extra five minutes of sleep, but when you wake yourself up and
get moving, you will feel more energized than waking up and having to rush to get ready in order to get to work on time
- que the toothpaste in the eye, and coffee spilled all over the pants you don’t have time to change out of. No one wants that.
So do yourself the favor of giving yourself time to take your time, and if you happen to spill coffee all over your white pants,
you will have time to just go change.

Take a little extra time to do your hair and makeup before leaving the house - I don’t know about you, but when I take time
to do my hair and makeup before going anywhere, I feel far more confident throughout the day. Maybe go an extra step and
pull up that one look on Pinterest that you’ve been dying to master (for me it is currently the cut crease eyeshadow and the half up faux-hawk).

Enjoy your shower-time - I LOVE the fact that I have mastered the ten-minute shower consisting of fully shaven legs,
conditioned hair, and a fully scrubbed body. But I don’t enjoy getting out of  my ten-minute shower and realizing I don’t
feel refreshed. Go out and either purchase or make some shower bombs, like bath bombs but for those of us that prefer showers.
 Try that moisturizing hair treatment you picked up and have been dying to use - when you take that extra time to do your hair
for the day, you will be thanking yourself!

Get a book on tape (also known as Audible) - I love to read, but I don’t really feel like I can find enough time in the day
to sit down and enjoy a good book. I absolutely hate that! How many of you just read that and said, “Oh my gosh, I know!”?
It is easy to read a little blog post when you’re waiting in line for something, but to delve into a book...not so much. I recently
discovered Audible and it is wonderful! I listen to my books on my drive to work, on my lunch break, cleaning the house,
really any time I need to be doing something else that will allow me to have headphones in. For some people, that little escape
into another world is just as refreshing as a good facial - I am one of those people. Audible is a wonderful tool and is owned by
Amazon. So if you have an Amazon account, you essentially already have an Audible account. So go download that
app and select that one book you’ve been dying to read as your first book (which you get for free).

Even if you don’t try any of these things, I hope you got a little inspired to gift yourself with a little extra time for you!
Trust me, as soon as you do, you will know what I was talking about when I said others will reap the benefits.  

 Love Always, 
                  Kaitlyn B. 

**I have not been paid to promote any of the products and/or companies mentioned in this article** I just think they are the

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