It's Ok to Feel Sexy! Here's How!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sexy...its a word that often comes with a negative connotation. Some people hear the word "sexy" and couple it with something like risque or slutty. That is not where my mind goes. I think of confidence, a sort of beauty that people can't look away from. As a married woman, I do not want to dress in a risque way, but I still want to feel sexy...guess what! It is totally possible to remain modest yet feel sexy. Here's how:

Invest in yourself - feeling confident is the most raw form of sexy. Being sexy is not just about how you look on the outside, but feeling like you look like a million bucks is part of it. Consider getting a facial, taking a stroll down the makeup aisle, or scheduling yourself a hair appointment. These are all ways for you to feel good about how you look - beautiful and healthy skin, new makeup (because who doesn't get excited about a new product), and a new hairdo that reflects your personality in a beautiful/fun way. Yes, you will have to spend some money, but the end result is worth it. And if you have to give up your daily latte to make the monetary hit a little less painful, it will be okay..*from one latte lover to another* will still feel amazing!

Spontaneity is sexy - What is more terrifying and exhilarating than doing something completely spontaneous? I like planning, but the occasional "I am going to do this just because I feel like doing it...right now!" is so fun. Just go for it.
 - I have a coworker who is as Type A as a person can get. Recently she and her best friend decided to go to Vegas for 24 hours. They bought their plane tickets and that was as far as they got in their planning. She was a nervous wreck. But the good kind of nervous. She threw caution to the wind. She would ask herself a question and respond by flipping herself the bird. She came back more excited than when she left. Be her. Ok, maybe the 24 hour Vegas trip is a bit much, but you get the idea. Ecite your soul by lighting that fire in your belly and - to quote Nike - Just Do It!

Change up your look - We all have some sort of secret aspiration to try something that may seem dangerous. For me it is bold eye shadows (something that might not sound like much to someone else). For some, its that deep purple lipstick on a model in a magazine. Or maybe that BEAutiful rose gold hair color that seems to flood my Pinterest feed. Whatever it is, try it!!!!! When you feel beautiful, you feel confident. Confidence is sexy - you'll be irresistible!

Surround yourself with people that boost your confidence - join a women's group. These groups typically focus on lifting each other up. I have a friend group that plans a ladies night once a month, not one where we go out, but one where we stay in and indulge in delicious foods and beverages. We sit around a table and just talk. I always leave feeling like I am in higher spirits. Those higher spirits make me feel confident - like I can own my every move. Oh and my husband notices every time! He loves seeing me in that mode! Happiness is sexy!

Join a group that helps you keep yourself centered. For me, that is bible study. I attend a women's bible study (almost) every Saturday. There is nothing that feels better to me than knowing I have a strong relationship with God. I feel centered, like everything else is at ease because my soul is at ease. You might not be feeling the whole "bible study" idea, but maybe think about going to a meditation class, or yoga in the park. Whatever it is that helps you feel grounded and centered, go do it.

I am not talking about making yourself look "hot" for a day. I am talking about being able to walk tall, radiate an irresistible energy, and feel smarter and funnier. Sexiness is not only on the outside, but starts on the inside and moves outward. You are sexy. Now embrace it!

 Love always, 
                   Kaitlyn B.

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