Makeup, Fashion, and Your Hot Self

Friday, December 29, 2017

I LOVE the idea of women feeling beautiful. I started this blog with the want to provide women with the encouragement to feel good and beautiful. I want to offer women a sort of inspiration to make moves to feel beautiful.

~~I will warn you, what comes next is a passion filled piece, written because of a fire that was lit in my belly. ~~

I was just listening to Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba on Audible while I ran errands over my lunch break. In her book, she interviews a model turned businesswoman. One of the areas she focuses on discussing is that being you is the most beautiful thing you can be. She discusses just how much she was criticized for her looks and that she never looked "perfect" by model industry standards *insert eye roll here*.

A New Year's Resolution You can Follow Through on!

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

If you are anything like the rest of the population (myself included), the beginning of a new year means you have an opportunity to change your life; get off on the right foot for the year; make the changes necessary to avoid the mistakes you made last year; etc. etc. etc. After all, the typical new year's motto is "New year, new me", right? 

Well I am just as guilty as the next person when it comes to making some rock solid resolutions on New Year's day...aaand failing pretty quickly into the new year. So where does the problem lie?

It's Ok to Feel Sexy! Here's How!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Sexy...its a word that often comes with a negative connotation. Some people hear the word "sexy" and couple it with something like risque or slutty. That is not where my mind goes. I think of confidence, a sort of beauty that people can't look away from. As a married woman, I do not want to dress in a risque way, but I still want to feel sexy...guess what! It is totally possible to remain modest yet feel sexy. Here's how:

How to: Quit Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Monday, December 18, 2017

How To Quit Being Your Own Worst Enemy

Danny Devito in a Speedo. Picture it. Are you picturing it? The other day, I was talking to my husband about just feeling like I didn't look the greatest. I have my days where I feel like a million bucks, and days where I just His response to me...

You are Worth More Time - Give Yourself some Attention

Thursday, December 14, 2017

You are Worth More Time - Give Yourself some Attention Already!!

I am at the top of the list of people who tend to let taking care of myself be put on the back burner. And ya is not okay! So before I begin
to get on my soap box about how important taking time for yourself is, no I am not a hypocrite, I have just witnessed firsthand how terrible you
can feel when you don’t invest a little extra time in yourself. I will be the first person to admit that I have gone to bed
with makeup on my face and a tease in my hair, because I just wanted to go to sleep...
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